The KSWT Portugal Champions

The results are in!

1: Matchu Lopes (that's not him - he had to catch a flight!)
2: AIRton Cozzolino 
3: Keahi de Aboitiz
4: Mitu Monteiro

1: Moona Whyte
2: Jalou Langeree
3: Carla Herrera Oria
4: Inês Correia

We had to wait for it, but what a result on the final day of the event here in Viana do Castelo. Congratulations to all of the competitors and to our KSWT Portugal Champions - Matchu and Moona!

Full action highlights coming soon...

Source: GKA
Images: Photography

| Kitesurf & Windsurf | Viana World Cup | 07 - 20 Junho 2018 |